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Issue Two: 'Home'

Click here to read our second issue, 'Home'. 

Inside are fifteen gorgeous poems inspired by the places, people, and feelings we call home, accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, courtesy of our brilliantly talented illustrator, Kelsee!

We recommend reading the magazine with our Issue Two playlist in the background (which you can find here), and a big cup of tea.

If you enjoy the issue, please share it with your poetry pals, tweet us @theadriaticmag, tag us on Instagram @theadriaticmag, or send us a good old-fashioned email at!

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Featured Poets

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Simon Alderwick

Simon Alderwick is a poet from Surrey. His work has been published in Eye Flash, Re-Side, Seiren, The Daily Drunk, Dust, Quince and Near Window, amongst others.

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Alyssa Asaro

Alyssa Asaro is an aspiring writer and editor based in Chicago, IL. Her poem “Windowpane” is featured in Neuro Logical Literary Magazine and "Molting" is featured in Unlimited Literature. 

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Lucy Ashe

Lucy Ashe is an English teacher. Her poetry and prose are published in Truffle Literary Magazine, 192 Poets’ Directory, One Hand Clapping, and Ink Sweat and Tears. She was a semi-finalist in the London Independent Short Story Prize. She writes reviews for and is currently writing a feminist dystopian novel called ‘The Fall’.

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Steven J Burke

Steven J Burke is a historian, Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher. He is from a little town that sits on a hill on the border of Durham and Tyneside. He is ambivalent about this place. When not drowning in PhD thesis, or teaching, or eating in online meetings, he runs (away), wanders (aimlessly), takes photos and writes poems. His first published work appears in Black Bough's ‘Deep Time’ Anthology, vols. 1&2, and is forthcoming in Re-Side.

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Damien Donnelly

Damien, 45, Dublin born, returned to Ireland in 2019 after 23 years in Paris, London and Amsterdam. His daily interests revolve around falling over and learning how to get back up. His work has been featured in A Page from My Life/Harper Collins, The Runt, Black Bough, Coffin Bell, Scribe Base, Barren Magazine, Impspired, Fahmidan Journal and Neurological Magazine. His debut poetry collection ‘Eat the Storms’ was published by The Hedgehog Press.

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Caroline Hammond

Caroline Hammond lives in London and is a founding member of LetterPress Poets. Her poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies including Ink Sweat and Tears, Finished Creatures and The Emma Press Anthology of Contemporary Gothic Poems. 

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Scott Redmond

Scott Redmond is a Romani poet and comedian based in Scotland, who has performed in six countries over three continents, and has his work printed in a number of publications including Laldy magazine and Inkwell. He likes deep conversations, long walks on the beach, and esoteric knock knock jokes.

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Boloere Seibidor

Boloere Seibidor is a Nigerian poet & writer, with works on numerous magazines/journals. She emerged winner of the Glassdoor Poetically Written Prose Contest 2020. She is greatly inspired by true life experiences, music; especially of Ed Sheeran & James Bay. 

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James Barnett

James Barnett is a poet and research support librarian based in Birmingham, UK. His writing explores such themes as fertility, parenthood and mental health, and he has a weakness for loose leaf tea and custard creams.

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Gillian Craig

Gillian Craig is originally from Scotland, and has spent the past twenty years living and teaching in East Asia and the Middle East. She has had poetry published in a range of journals and anthologies, including New Writing Scotland, New Writing Dundee, Orbis and Far Off Places. She is also a published children’s author and poet, writing under the name Gillian Spiller.

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Giles Goodland

Giles Goodland has had books published by Shearsman and Salt. He lives in London where he teaches, edits, and researches.

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Kaozara Oyalowo

Kaozara is a writer and poet from Leicester. She is a Roundhouse Poetry Slam and Unislam finalist 2019. She has performed internationally including USA and China. She is also a CUPSI Award recipient and a member of BBC New Creatives. Kaozara explores themes such as femininity, race, religion, diaspora and immigration in her work. Kaozara has been commissioned by the 2FunkyArts, the BBC, Derbyshire County Council and Junction Arts.

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Amber Rollinson

Amber Rollinson writes fiction and poetry and has been featured in Epoque Press’s e-zine, Channel Magazine (forthcoming), and The Common Breath (forthcoming). She also makes cyanotypes and has had artwork featured by Epoque Press, Streetcake, Neon (forthcoming) and Aeonion Magazine.

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Penny Sharman

Penny Sharman is a published poet, photographer, artist and therapist. She is inspired by wild landscapes and the relationships between the seen and the unseen. Penny has an MA in Creative Writing from Edge Hill University. She has had over 100 poems published in magazines such as The Interpreter’s House, Strix, The North, Obsessed with Pipework, Finished Creatures, Ink Sweat & Tears, and Orbis. Her pamphlet ‘Fair Ground’ (Yaffle Press) and her first collection ‘Swim With Me In Deep Water’ (Cerasus Poetry) are available to buy from her website: Penny’s second collection is to be published in 2020 by Knives Forks and Spoons Press.

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Tara Wheeler

Tara Wheeler lives in Cambridge, UK. Her poems have appeared in Perhappened and The Mum Poem Press. She is the editor of Dust Poetry Magazine. 

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