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Issue Three: 'Mind & Body'

Click here to read our third issue, 'Mind & Body'. 

Inside are thirteen wonderful poems inspired by minds and bodies in all their individuality and complexity, accompanied by gorgeous illustrations, courtesy of our brilliantly talented illustrator, Kelsee!

We recommend reading the magazine with our Issue Three playlist in the background (which you can find here), and a big cup of tea.

If you enjoy the issue, please share it with your poetry pals, tweet us @theadriaticmag, tag us on Instagram @theadriaticmag, or send us a good old-fashioned email at!

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Featured Poets

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Amy Acre

Amy Acre is the author of And They Are Covered in Gold Light (Bad Betty Press) and Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads (flipped eye), each chosen as a Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice. She runs Bad Betty Press with Jake Wild Hall. 

lyndal f 2.JPG
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Lyndal Frazier-Cairns

Lyndal Frazier-Cairns is a Portland-based poet who writes about science and the environment. Her work has been featured in Cordite Poetry Review, Wordstorm, Beast Crawl, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Writers Victoria, and Australian Poetry. In late 2020, she self-published a chapbook of poems about the tragedy of Pluto called Planet-ish. 

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Z. R. Ghani

Z. R. Ghani is a writer from North London, UK and spends her days working as an Editorial Assistant for Dorling Kindersley. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. Her poems have been published in Magma Poetry, Black Bough Poetry, and The Willowherb Review. Recently, she was a Best of the Net nominee for her poem, ‘The Pink Mosque’. 

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Jonathan Greenhause

Jonathan was the winner of the Telluride Institute’s 2020 Fischer Poetry Prize and shortlisted for The Black Spring Press Group’s 2020 Sexton Prize for Poetry, with poems appearing or forthcoming in The Dark Horse, Poetry Ireland Review, The Poetry Society website, and The Rialto.  He is currently– joyously– wearing a mask with his wife and 2 children. 

joe 2.JPG

Joe Cottonwood

One of Joe Cottonwood’s poems recently appeared on a billboard in the Kew Gardens in London, England. His latest book of poetry is Random Saints. He’s a semi-retired home repair contractor and a lifelong writer dodging wildfires and sheltering with his high school sweetheart in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

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Rebecca Gethin

Rebecca Gethin lives in Devon. She has written 5 poetry publications and her work is published in a variety of magazines and anthologies. She has been a Hawthornden Fellow and a Poetry School tutor. Messages was a winner in the first Coast to Coast to Coast pamphlet competition.  Vanishings was published by Palewell Press in 2020. She blogs sporadically at 

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Marissa Glover

Marissa Glover lives in Florida, where she teaches at Saint Leo University. Marissa is co-editor of Orange Blossom Review and a senior editor at The Lascaux Review. Her poetry recently appears in Psaltery & Lyre, Gyroscope Review, Louisiana Literature, The Opiate, and Dwelling Literary. Marissa’s full-length poetry collection, Let Go of the Hands You Hold, will be published by Mercer University Press in April 2021. 

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Zach Hirsch

Zach Hirsch is a journalist, editor, and closet poet based in New York. This is his first appearance in a poetry magazine. 

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Mandy Macdonald

Mandy Macdonald is an Australian writer and musician living in Aberdeen, trying to make sense of the 21st and other centuries. Over 200 of her poems have been published in anthologies and journals in the UK and further afield. Her debut pamphlet, The temperature of blue, was published by Blue Salt Collective in 2020. She survived 2020 by writing Lockdown Lyrics, singing increasingly tunelessly round the house, and gardening.

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Mark J. Mitchell

Mark J. Mitchell was born in Chicago and grew up in southern California. His latest poetry collection is Roshi San Francisco from Norfolk Press. Another, Starting from Tu Fu was published by Encircle Publications last year.  He lives in San Francisco with his wife, the activist Joan Juster, where he made his living pointing out pretty things. Currently, like everyone else, he is unemployed.

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Scott Redmond

Scott Redmond is a Romani poet and comedian based in Scotland, who has performed in six countries over three continents, and has his work printed in a number of publications including Laldy magazine and Inkwell. He likes deep conversations, long walks on the beach, and esoteric knock knock jokes.

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Lake Vargas

Lake Vargas primarily writes poetry and creative non-fiction.  Her work has most recently been published by Periwinkle Literary Magazine, Tealight Press, and Butcher Papers. More of her work can be found on her Tumblr, @stonemattress.

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Jenny Wong

Jenny Wong is a writer, traveler, and occasional business analyst.  Lately, her writings have been more about indoor things, but she still dreams about evening wanderings around Tokyo alleys, Singapore hawker centres, and Parisian cemeteries. Recent publications include Truffle Magazine, Split Rock Review, Burnt Breakfast Magazine, Parentheses Journal, and Crow & Cross Keys.  She resides in the foothills of Alberta, Canada.

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